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Types of Mulch

There are many types of mulch available for use throughout your landscape areas.

  • NEW – Large Pine Nuggets *
  • Oak
  • Michigan White Cedar (Naturally Pest Resistant)
  • Pine
  • Hemlock
  • Western Red Cedar (Naturally Pest Resistant)
  • Enviro-Colorlzed Mulch – Available in red, brown, black , Santa Fe Fiesta Blend, Sunrise Fiesta Blend and burnt orange
  • Wood Chips – Primarily used for dog kennels and bike trails
  • Certified Playground Wood Chip

 Natural Bark Mulches

Enviro-Colorized Mulches

Wood Chips

Mavroff Inc. receives truckloads of mulch daily from different sawmill suppliers. We cannot be responsible for color or consistency differences. The color in dyed products may leach out due to heavy rains or excessive water. As a rule measure twice before ordering product and err on the side of having extra. Small loads are more expensive to deliver. Dealing with a product of nature, it is almost impossible to match loads.

Our mulch is measured by a cubic yard. We have one cubic yard buckets and three cubic yard buckets. Loader and driver both verify each load with order ticket before delivery.