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Keep Plants Cool, Moist and Free of Weeds

Apply mulch around your trees, shrubs, vegetable plants and flower gardens, to provide ground covering to keep the soil in your beds moist. You will water less and your garden will stay free of weeds. Using Mulch to Keep Gardens Cool and Moist Using mulch...

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Preparing your Lawn and Garden for Spring Mulching

Prepare your lawn for spring by removing debris such as leaves, twigs, dead plants, and other undesirables that have accumulated over the winter. Drainage areas are typically where this debris gathers. By clearing these,  you ensure that the rains of...

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Why Mulch?

Mulch can do wonders for improving the overall beauty and health of your landscape and plants. While mulch can be used to improve the overall physical appearance of the landscape, the benefits it has to offer your trees, shrubs and planting beds run far...

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How to Calculate Square Footage of Landscape Beds

Divide the beds into squares, rectangles, triangles & circles to make it easier to calculate. To find the area of a SQUARE – multiply the length x’s the width To find the area of a RECTANGLE – multiply the length x’s the width To find the area of a CIRCLE...

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How to Apply Mulch

For best results, planting beds, tree rings, and shrub beds should be cleared of any existing weeds before the mulch is applied and spread. You may also want to install a weed barrier (available at most garden supply centers) to help prevent new growth of...

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